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Equity and justice at the core of transformative responses to compound risks

Since the last T2S quarterly newsletter was published in December 2021, the latest publications of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have set out in stark detail the challenges ahead for climate change mitigation, and the systemic, compound risks facing societies across the world. None of this is a surprise.

One thing that has stood out, however, is the increasing attention to climate justice - whether it's about targeted investment to redress historic inequalities, ensuring that climate action doesn't entrench or worsen existing vulnerabilities, or building public acceptance by putting fairness at the heart of cost and benefit sharing.

These topics are covered in depth in many of the latest publications resulting from the T2S programme, which share case studies and stories from the 12 research projects, on how diverse communities are responding to compound complex risks and how they imagine and test transformative pathways towards just and sustainable futures.

Resources round-up: latest outputs from the T2S community

Articles, blogs, videos, media coverage and more from the T2S programme projects and related research...

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More news and resources from the T2S community:

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Data-driven citizen science changes the way communities deal with flooding

Vulnerable communities around the world could soon be able to use their mobile phones to help prevent floods creating disasters thanks to a new app developed through the Waterproofing Data project.

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Critical social science perspectives on transformations to sustainability

The introduction to the T2S special issue of COSUST is now available. The special issue is open access, and includes articles that underline the importance of embracing theoretically rooted, empirically informed, and collaboratively generated knowledge to address sustainability challenges and transformative change.

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For the generations that are not yet born

A conversation and photo story about how photography is contributing to the work of the trandisciplinary team in the Gold Matters project.

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Sheila Jasanoff, GoST project PI, named 2022 Holberg Laureate

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Findings from IPACST project highlighted in British Council funded India-UK collaborative project

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The transformative potential of managed retreat in the face of rising sea levels

It is estimated that between 350 and 630 million people will be affected by sea-level rise over the next 80 years, and many will relocate in search of safety, resources and opportunities. Movement on such a scale will undoubtedly have enormous humanitarian, environmental and geopolitical implications. Planned relocation or resettlement – also known as managed retreat – has been practised around the world for centuries but is attracting increased attention as a climate adaptation strategy.

The latest T2S knowledge brief summarizes a review article on learning from cases of managed retreat in diverse locations around the world, suggesting that it could make a significant contribution to wide-scale, positive social transformation in the direction of sustainability.

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Calls and other opportunities

Collaborative Research Development Workshops on Asia
The Social Science Research Council invites applications for Collaborative Research Development Workshops focused on the social dimensions of climate change and the drivers and dynamics of migration, to be held virtually in June 2022. The workshops will bring together an interdisciplinary group of early-career scholars from Asia and the US to discuss and receive feedback on a brief paper based on their current research, submit papers for a special issue in a leading journal, and develop new collaborative research projects and teams. Workshops are open to individual early-career scholars based in the US or Asia from all fields in the social sciences, humanities and related fields and who are within five years of having completed their doctoral degree. Apply by 15 April. Find out more.


Collaborative Research Action (CRA) on the theme of Systems of Sustainable Consumption and Production (SSCP)
The Belmont Forum is pleased to announce the launch of this joint Collaborative Research Action (CRA), which launched on 16 Feb 2022 with a closing date of 10 May 2022. ​​Find out more.


2022 Transformational Leadership for Sustainability (TLFS) programme
This programme of physical meetings and weekly group calls provides a road map for anyone looking to solve climate change and sustainability issues, shift systems and cultures, and tap into their greatest potential as a change agent. Find out more.


Webinar: Understanding and Addressing the Pandemic – Insights from Anthropology
14 April 2022

Tipping towards positive social change
12 May 2022

Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress 2022 (SRI2022)
20-24 June 2022
Pretoria, South Africa & online

POLLEN 2022: The 4th Biennial Conference of the Political Ecology Network
29 June - 1 July 2022
Virtual conference

European Policy for Intellectual Property (EPIP2022 conference)
14-16 September 2022
Cambridge, UK

European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes
Human Development and Capability Association Conference: ‘Capabilities and Transformative Institutions’
19-22 September 2022
Antwerp, Belgium

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