Transformations to Sustainability is a Belmont Forum-NORFACE Joint Research Programme


A participatory learning and synthesis study is launched

An exciting new component of the Transformations to Sustainability (T2S) programme kicked off in 2021 with the commissioning and launch of a T2S synthesis study. Coordinated by John Colvin, Jane Burt and Mutizwa Mukute from Emerald Network Ltd, this participatory learning study is intended to critically engage with and integrate evidence and findings emerging from the projects and to draw out broader lessons for research programme design in support of transformations to sustainability research.

The study will ask questions such as:

• What are the specific contributions of the projects to knowledge on transformations to sustainability?
• What can we learn about design for enabling T2S now that two programmes have been implemented?
• What does this tell us about the kind of funding mechanisms that enable transdisciplinary and transformative research?
• What capacity needs are addressed by the T2S programme? How does it work and who benefits?
• What has the T2S contribution been to the broader scholarship on sustainability?

The Emerald Network Ltd team will actively engage with the 12 current projects in an exploratory, collaborative and synergetic process of producing utilization-focused knowledge, involving not just project leaders but also other project partners, academic and societal, especially from the Global South, as well as programme funders. The inception phase of the study culminated in December 2021 and the evidence-gathering and analysis phase will begin in January. The study will conclude by December 2022.

Resources round-up: latest publications from the T2S community

Articles, blogs, videos, media coverage and more from the T2S programme projects and related research...

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More news and resources from the T2S community:


Intersectionality at the Nexus of Climate, Human Mobility, Loss and Damage: Regional Perspectives

The MISTY project co-organized a side event at the COP26 conference in Glasgow to take stock of recent scientific and policy progress and various perspectives on how these intersectional issues are playing out on the ground, and the required policy responses grounded in equity, justice and human rights.

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AGENTS project virtual dialogues and scientific seminars highlight local-based initiatives in the Amazon

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Urban transformation and digitalisation on the agenda for GoST project workshops

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Gold matters film

Gold Matters in Burkina Faso: The Art of Bonding in Precarious Times

This short film by Gideon Vink and painter Christophe Sawadogo was made in collaboration with the Gold Matters project. Filmed at Karentenga, one of the oldest artisanal gold mines in Burkina Faso, it documents an art collaboration between Christophe and gold miners. The film was showcased at the Festival Cine Droit Libre, part of the Human Rights Film Network, in Ougedougou, Burkina Faso on 8th December.

Find out more and watch the film.

Reading recommendations from our network

Moore, B., Verfuerth, C., Minas, A.M., Tipping, C., Mander, S., Lorenzoni, I., Hoolohan, C., Jordan, A.J. & L. Whitmarsh (2021). Transformations for climate change mitigation: A systematic review of terminology, concepts, and characteristics. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change, 12(6), 1–25.

This article sheds light on the “transformative turn” in the climate mitigation literature, mapping existing research and its geographical and sectoral focus, the methods and theories employed, the use of transformation-related terminology, and the triggers, drivers, and barriers to transformation.

The key findings are also summarized in a blog post and a Twitter thread.

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Calls and other opportunities

Research Call Pre-Announcement: Migration / Mobility & Global Change -published by the Belmont Forum. This call focuses on integrated systems approaches to accurately characterize migration and mobility and its intersection with Global Change, both closely related and intersecting phenomena. The Announcement outlines the key areas of interest for this Call, the timeline, and presents an opportunity for all to participate in a series of Workshops and Networking activities to prepare strong proposals. Find out more.

Preferential access to the workshops and networking opportunities will be given to those who have completed the Expression of Interest form by February 1, 2022. The full Call for Proposals is anticipated to open in April 2022.


The Belmont Forum will then launch the Systems of Sustainable Consumption and Production Research Call. This Call is focused on transdisciplinary research to transition to green economies, sustainable and resilient industries and their governance systems, social inequality and environmental justice, and integrating new technologies, policies, and practices into everyday life. Proposal registration is anticipated to begin in Feb. 2022 with full proposals due in October 2022.


Request for Proposals: Pathways Communication Grants: The pathways initiative, part of Future Earth, is seeking proposals from researchers for the production of communication products that aim to disseminate outcomes developed in inter- and/or transdisciplinary research projects, and that are addressed to the broader public.

Five to 20 awards of €2,500 to €10,000 are available. The total funding available in 2022 is 60,000 €.

One third will be allocated to support proposals from researchers from and working in low and middle income countries as a priority group, and another third will be allocated to support proposals from early career researchers, as another priority group. See the full guidelines here.

The call for proposals is open for a 1-year period with a selection of awardees every 4 months. The selection committee will proceed to the first round of project evaluation in February and will evaluate proposals received at the latest on 31 January 2022.


Call for papers: The guest editors of a rolling virtual special issue of Current Opinion on Environmental Sustainability (COSUST) are looking for authors interested in contributing a critical and interpretative review of recent literature on social dimensions of transformations to sustainability. Papers can be received from now until April 2022. See the author guidelines for more information and please contact Sarah Moore with questions or to propose a topic.


Sustainability: Call for papers on Transformations for a Sustainable Future
A special issue of the journal Sustainability will feature research articles, reviews, and case studies that explore transformations from various theoretical, methodological, conceptual, and geographic perspectives. Manuscripts can be submitted until 31 December 2021, and a full call is available on our website.


Transforming peri-urban futures: Virtual multi-stakeholder conference
18-19 January 2022

This event, which is co-organized by the H20-T2S project, aims to foster discussions on pathways for sustainable transformations of periurban areas.

Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress 2022 (SRI2022)
20-24 June 2022
Pretoria, South Africa & online

A call for proposals is open now for submissions by 5 February 2022.

European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes
Human Development and Capability Association Conference: ‘Capabilities and Transformative Institutions’
19-22 September 2022
Antwerp, Belgium

A call for proposals is open now for submissions by 15 February 2022.

See our website for all forthcoming events.
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