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Catch up on sessions from Transformations 2021

The Transformations Conference 2021: Enabling Positive Tipping Points, and the Sustainability Research & Innovation Congress 2021 (SRI2021), both of which took place this June, were a real melting-pot of ideas for the many researchers and stakeholders that took part. Sessions from both events are now available to watch online for free.

Highlights include a panel at SRI on Critical social science perspectives on transformations to sustainability – emerging framings and approaches, and the many sessions featuring research from the T2S programme at Transformations 2021.

Resources round-up: latest publications from the T2S community

Articles, blogs, videos, media coverage and more from the T2S programme projects and related research...

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More news and resources from the T2S community:

Gold Matters Kedjetia Ghana Jan 2020 Workshop

Gold Matters virtual exhibition

The GOLD MATTERS project virtual exhibition is now live and available to explore online. The Exhibition takes the audience on a visual journey across three regions, and is organized around the themes: Co-labouring, ARTistic and ARTisanal, In-depth terrains, Gold Lifeways and Moving Matters (featured photo: Nii Obodai).

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Sundarbans without boundaries: Co-creating Transformative Knowledge and Action

This virtual roundtable involving partners from the TAPESTRY project discussed the possibilities and results of transboundary research in the Indian and Bangladesh Sundarbans. Speakers shared views from their work on the nature and extent of boundaries, and how transboundary research can lead to transformative knowledge and action around gender, livelihoods and natural resource management.

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Insecurity in Burkina Faso – beyond conflict minerals

As artisanal gold mining in Burkina Faso has increased in recent years, so too have violent attacks by non-state armed groups. The assumption that there is a natural causal link between the two is, however, too simplistic. A new policy note by members of the GOLD MATTERS project – available in English and French – explores the complex links between artisanal gold mining and violence.

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Reimagining groundwater governance: video series

Between 20 July and 10 August 2021 The Advanced Center for Water Resources Development and Management (ACWADAM) organized a series of webinars on Groundwater Governance. The webinars brought together experts from America, Australia, Europe and Asia to collectively reimagine groundwater governance while situating it in current and emergent discourses.

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Reading recommendations from our network

Pathways Network, 2021, Transformative Pathways to Sustainability: Learning Across Disciplines, Cultures and Contexts, Taylor and Francis.

This book draws together theoretical, methodological and empirical contributions from the PATHWAYS’ Transformative Knowledge Network (TKN), which was part of the first phase of the Transformations to Sustainability programme. It is edited by Adrian Ely and involves collaborators from across the network – a total of 33 researchers from twelve institutions across nine countries. It is available as an Open Access download.

François Gemenne and Anneliese Depoux (2020), What our response to the COVID-19 pandemic tells us of our capacity to respond to climate change. Environmental Research Letters, 15, 101002.

Responses to the COVID-19 pandemic have three key lessons for climate action and communication, according to this Open Access letter.

Through the eyes of the Kolis: an archival photo journey though Mumbai's past, present and future.

This virtual exhibition was developed by the TAPESTRY project's partners Bombay61, in collaboration with Ministry of Mumbai’s Magic.

Madalitso Wills Kateta, ‘Everything is changing’: the struggle for food as Malawi’s Lake Chilwa shrinks, 30 August 2021, The Guardian.

This article includes comment from Sosten Chiotha, who was part of the T-LEARNING TKN during the first phase of the Transformations to Sustainability programme.

Calls and other opportunities:

Call for papers: The guest editors of a rolling virtual special issue of Current Opinion on Environmental Sustainability (COSUST) are looking for authors interested in contributing a critical and interpretative review of recent literature on social dimensions of transformations to sustainability. Papers in the following domains would be especially welcome:
  • Methodological dimensions of research on and for social transformations to sustainability
  • Transformations in sectors of social activity, particularly food systems and health
  • Transformations in specific regional, cultural or social contexts
  • Cross-cutting or theoretical aspects of transformations, particularly human development
Papers can be received from now until April 2022. See the author guidelines for more information and please contact Sarah Moore with questions or to propose a topic.

Sustainability: Call for papers on Transformations for a Sustainable Future
A special issue of the journal Sustainability will feature research articles, reviews, and case studies that explore transformations from various theoretical, methodological, conceptual, and geographic perspectives. Manuscripts can be submitted until 31 December 2021, and a full call is available on our website.

Connect with the T2S Community

Methods ‘bazaar’: Transdisciplinary methods for sustainability
8 November 2021, 16:00 - 19:00 CET

A online knowledge exchange event for researchers and other participants in sustainability initiatives interested in transdisciplinary methods.

European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes
Human Development and Capability Association Conference: ‘Capabilities and Transformative Institutions’
19-22 September 2022

See our website for all forthcoming events.
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